Masterclass 4b. Exposure modelling: Stoffenmanager exposure model (English)

Masterclass   May 17 2023

The Stoffenmanager exposure model was developed in the Netherlands by TNO and ArboUnie. The model provides an estimate of exposure to hazardous substances through inhalation. This masterclass shows how the Stoffenmanager model is constructed (algorithm), what the limitations are and how you can use the model efficiently for risk assessments in your company. The most recent results of validation studies are also shown.


This masterclass is the second of the Chemrade Masterclasses Chemical Risk Assessment, developed for Chemrade customers, partners and close relations who want to deepen and update their knowledge of Chemical Risk Assessment. There are no costs associated with this masterclass. Each masterclass can also be taken separately. Participants receive a certificate of participation. The masterclasses are given in both Dutch and English. Dr. Joost van Rooij, Chief Science Officer (PhD, registered toxicologist and senior occupational hygienist) guarantees the content of the masterclasses. 


Date and registration

The masterclass will take place on Wednesday 17 May from 9:00 to 10:00 CEST. You will receive a link and access code in advance, which you can use to follow this online masterclass.

Note that this masterclass will also be organized in Dutch. Register here.