New regulation diisocyanates

News   05-12-2021

From August 24, 2023, new rules will apply to end users regarding working with diisocyanates (see this link for information from ECHA). Products containing diisocyanates may only be used if the weight percentage of all diisocyanates in the product together is less than 0.1%. If not, products containing diisocyanates should only be used if users have received training on the safe use of diisocyanates.

So if your company uses products with more than 0.1% diisocyanates, the employees must have followed and successfully completed a training before August 24, 2023 in order to still be able to work with these products. Depending on the application of the diisocyanate-containing product, this training should cover a number of topics, including the basic characteristics of diisocyanates, the risks you run from working with diisocyanates, and how to work safely with diisocyanates.

Chemrade's consultants have experience with this and can guide your company in this.