The Chemrade API

News   11-23-2021

The Chemrade API can be used to transfer information (once or periodically) from other systems to Chemrade. This could be particularly appealing for companies that use Chemrade as well as other systems to store product- and/or substance-related information. The API will allow companies to save a lot of time when maintaining Chemrade. Even if substance-related information in other systems is not fully up-to-date or complete, using the Chemrade API can still be worthwhile because of the Chemrade Substance Database, in which over 5000 substances are stored. 


A standard exchange document (XML) is used to update information in Chemrade using information from external systems. As a result, it is possible to exchange new as well as existing data. This comparison takes place automatically in Chemrade, thus reducing the need for manual work. Companies can personally decide when and how frequently they exchange information with Chemrade.


Does your company use Chemrade as well as another system to store product- and substance-related information? Then the Chemrade API could be of interest to you. Please contact us to further explore the possibilities.