New product feature: Export your WSCs

News   10-18-2022

Thanks to a new product feature in Chemrade, it is now possible to easily export your Workplace Safety Cards (WSCs).


The export feature was already available to export your WSCs to pdf.  As of now, you can also export WSC to an XML-file. The advantage of this export function, is the access you will receive to the raw data. With the XML-file you can easily turn your WSC data in an alternative design according for example to national or company policy. Additionally, the raw data enables you to use any (software) tool you want to create your WSCs.


In contrast to Safety Data Sheets, WSCs are designed to inform employees in a clear and concise way about safe use of the chemicals at the workplace. The WSCs offer directed work instructions and is of importance to employees in order to prevent occupational diseases as a result of unsafe use of chemicals.


With Chemrade you can easily create workplace-specific and risk-based WSCs. In contrast to generic WSCs, workplace-specific and risk-based WSCs also take into account the risks associated with performing specific work activities. In this way the employees are more accurately and directly informed.


With this new feature, we hope to improve your user experience even further. In case you have any question regarding the functionality, don’t hesitate contact us!