NVvA Innovation session

News   05-18-2021

The first online NVvA symposium took place on April 14th and 15th, with Chemrade Software as one of the sponsors. In one of the innovation sessions, Daan Huizer discussed a number of trends in Health, Safety and Environment that Chemrade Software identifies and supports. He described the increasing need for integration (IT) and collaboration (partnering) and the resulting positioning of Chemrade as a software platform. The core of this platform remains chemical risk assessment (H), but Chemrade also supports the registration of data on Environment and Safety. Partners can enrich and process this data through (IT-)connections with other systems.


The development to mobile and real time is also supported. For example, Chemrade offers, in addition to a cloud environment for sharing Workplace Safety Cards (WSCs), a Workplace App to perform workplace inventories on location. A project has also been started together with a research institute to send real time data from sensors to Chemrade.


The HSE world is becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive. To meet this need for knowledge, we offer, in addition to webinars and exclusive masterclasses, a complete Learning Management System for partners. This allows knowledge and skills to be expanded and kept up to date.


The collaboration we seek with partners is in line with Chemrade's positioning as a platform. For example, we have a cooperation agreement with TAUW, Borger & Burghouts and Oostkracht 10 as a Solution Partner. In addition, we are actively working to collaborate more with individual occupational hygienists and HSE professionals.

To conclude, Chemrade Software remains focused on the future, through new developments and concrete steps. Please feel free to contact Daan Huizer if you would like to know more about this.